Pile Foundations - Shoring Engineers | Established 1977

A growing Islip MacArthur Airport needed a new air traffic control tower built within 30' of the existing operating control tower.  

Auger cast-in-place piles were chosen because of concerns about pile driving impact noise and vibrations affecting the existing control tower activities and because they were less expensive than drilled mini-piles.



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ACIP piles installed with limited working room.  

Auger cast-in-place (ACIP) piles can be installed to high capacities without vibration or hammer noise and with minimal disturbance to adjacent footings or structures.  Piles are installed by rotating a continuous flight hollow-stem auger into the ground to the specified pile depth or until refusal criteria is satisfied.  Piles typically vary from 12" to 20" diameter. 

Grout is injected under pressure through the auger shaft as the auger is being withdrawn, in such a way as to exert a positive upward pressure on the earth filled auger flights as well as a lateral pressure on the soil surrounding the grout filled pile hole. 

Macro has been installing ACIP piles for over 19 years  on numerous projects ranging from few to many hundred piles.