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Tieback anchors can replace internal braces to provide an excavation free of obstructions.  Tiebacks are constructed by drilling a small diameter shaft into the ground behind the sheeting system.  Steel tendons are inserted into the shaft.  Grout is pumped into the shaft to anchor the tendons as the drill casing is retracted.  Hydraulic jacks lock off the tieback to the sheeting system.  Multiple levels of tiebacks allow for deeper excavations.​

Soldier beams and timber lagging in many cases will be the most economical choice for support of excavation. Shallow excavations can be supported using cantilevered steel soldier beams with timber lagging boards installed between them as the excavation progresses.   Soldier beams can be driven with conventional pile driving equipment or installed vibration free as shown.

Deeper excavations will require internally braced soldier beams to prevent excessive movements of the sheeting system and corresponding settlement of the soils behind the sheeting. 

Diagonal (raker) braces carry loads from the soldier beams to heel blocks below final excavation levels.