Pile Foundations - Shoring Engineers | Established 1977


Interlocking steel sheetpiling can be used to advantage:

  • when excavating into water-bearing soils.
  • when excavating into contaminated soils.
  • when sheeting is to be removed after backfilling is complete
  • when sheeting is to remain permanently exposed.

Cofferdam: Water tight sheeted box.​

Careful consideration of the method of sheetpile installation is necessary.  

Vibratory hammers are most commonly used.  However, reconsolidation of vibrated soils can cause settlements adjacent to the sheetpile installation.  Damaging vibrations can travel through soil to affect buildings and utility structures, sometimes with disastrous results. 

Sheetpiles can be advanced using impact pile driving hammers which shear the soil, instead of vibrate the soil, causing less damage to adjacent structures.

Sheetpiles installed in a low overhead condition with a side -grip excavator mounted vibro.