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Underpinning is a highly refined and specialized art of extending the foundation of an existing structure to a deeper elevation, combining principles of sheeting, shoring, load transfer, and global stability.  The work is sensitive to many details, both of design and workmanship.  Macro Enterprises Ltd. has over 30 years experience and an in-house engineering staff to efficiently design your underpinning requirements.

Underpinning with tiebacks, 30' deep:

Underpinning as finished basement wall:  

Braced Underpinning:

The purpose can be to accommodate  new adjacent construction to deeper elevations or to improve bearing capacities of existing buildings experiencing settlement.  Underpinning can strengthen existing foundations to allow additional loading and can provide extra basement space under existing buildings.

Underpinning can take the form of hand excavated pits filled with concrete, jacked piles, bracket piles, mini-piles or a combination of each.  As underpinning depths increase, lateral supports such as raker braces or tiebacks can be installed to support earth pressures.

Completed underpinning project:

Underpinning column footing: