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Lowering the beam into the slurried hole:

Tangent pile wall in lieu of underpinning with new construction form work.

Soldier Beams can be installed without impact noise or vibration by using augered cast in place (ACIP) equipment.  A continuous flight hollow stem auger is advanced into the ground for the full length of the soldier pile.  A self-hardening slurry is pumped through the hollow stem as the auger is being with drawn to hold the hole open.  The soldier beam is lowered into the hole without any impact noise or vibration.  

Using ACIP techniques as opposed to traditional drilling techniques will increase production in soldier pile installation saving owners/contractors time and money.



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Completed Vibration Free Soldier Pile and Tangent Pile Grout Wall:

Augered beams in a NYC street adjacent to the MTA subway.

Vibration Free Tangent Pile Wall:

Additional ACIP piles can be installed tangent to each other replacing the timber lagging boards between soldier piles.  The result is a continuous wall of grout piles constructed before excavation has begun.  

Where appropriate, a tangent pile wall can be installed in lieu of underpinning.